This cover provides indemnity to an insured against loss or damage to a private dwelling house, (including household contents therein) as a result of fire, theft, lightning, storm, earthquake, floods, water damage and other related perils.

Also covers liability at Lay for your Workmen.

Liability to third parties


The standard fire policy covers loss or damage to property insured as a result of fire, lightning, or explosion – brought about by gas used for domestic purposes.

This kind of fire cover is, however, limited in scope and is therefore extended to cover other perils (now known as special perils) such as: Impact Damage, Bursting of Pipes, Floods, Earthquakes, and Aircraft etc.


This insurance covers an insured property whilst at any location within the territorial limits stated in the policy.

It covers fire, theft or any other misfortune subject to certain exclusions such as mechanical or electrical breakdown. It is suitable for office equipment such as computers, photocopiers, calculators, fax machines and the like.

Contractor’s All Risks (CAR) & Plant All Risks Insurance (PAR)
The CAR Policy provides compensation to contractors in the event of there being damage to construction work from a wide range of perils such as fire, earthquake and impact before the construction is complete.

The PAR Policy provides cover against the contractor’s plant and machinery, including mobile plant equipment such as excavators, graders, tippers and the like. Third party liability is, however, not covered whilst vehicles are moving on their own on a public road.


When at work or play, there is always the possibility of an accident that could leave you injured.

Financial implications of such an accident can be enormous. But you do not have to carry it all on your own. A personal accident policy from MASS SILC will take care of your financial costs in the event of bodily injury, death or permanent disability due to an accident.


Covers loss of money, goods, or stock belonging to the insured resulting from dishonest acts of his/her employee(s) in the course of executing their duties.

It also extends to cover goods held in trust by the Insured.


We offer highly affordable, value-for-money cover to protect you against any loss of or damage to your motor vehicle due to an accident, theft or fire.

We also offer third party liability.

Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance
This insurance covers loss of or damage to any insured vehicle and its accessories and spare parts caused by fire, theft, and accidental collision, over-turning, malicious acts or liabilities to the third part.

Third party fire and theft
This insurance covers loss of, or damage caused by fire, theft, explosion and liability to third parties.

Third party only
This insurance covers third party liabilities.


Provides cover to a creditor against financial loss which they would be likely to suffer following the death or permanent disablement of a borrower before a loan is fully repaid.

This helps eliminate complications related to attaching a collateral security. Will administration procedures ensure that the deceased family is not left homeless or with repayment of an outstanding loan.


Covers loss, destruction or damage to money whilst:

  • In Transit
    In Premises – during & out of business hours
  • In the hands of salesmen
  • In the hand of Directors or
  • Damage to safe or strong room following theft or an attempted theft.

Provides compensation to the owner of goods should the same be damaged or lost whilst in transit on road or rail.

Either the owner of the goods being transported or the carrier of the goods can take out this policy.


Marine Insurance covers goods being transported by sea or by air against perils incidental to such transits.

This cover attaches from the time the goods leave at the port of loading, continues during the ordinary course of transit, and terminates upon delivery at the final destination, or on expiry 6 days after discharge from the carrying vessel. This policy is suitable for Importers and Exporters.